Many kennels promote "buddying" your dog with other dogs and promote group playtime, but this is not something you necessarily want for your pet. Although every precaution is made to ensure vaccinations are up to date, not all illnesses or diseases get vaccinated for and you do not want to return home to a sick pet. Allowing your pet the freedom to their own private, clean space will give you peace of mind that your pet remains in good health while you are away.
You wouldn’t want to be cramped in a small space, so why would your pet?

Our extra large rooms offer your pet the space they deserve! Each room has its own private fenced outdoor run which ranges from 80 to 120 square feet.
  Choose the size room best suited for your pet by selecting from a 40, 50 or 60 square foot space! Also, if you have a family of dogs ask about our adjoining suites option. All dogs will receive 1 treat per day, but if you would like your pet to receive additional services like extra treats or nature hikes then just ask.
A radiant heat floor system is in all of our rooms and provides the utmost in comfort for our guests.