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Boarding Trial Run: A Good Idea

If you are preparing for a vacation, you are likely excited for the adventure that lies ahead. Unfortunately, you may be in a position where your pooch has to stay behind. If you are considering boarding for your dog during the length of your trip, it is important that both you and the boarding staff understand how to best accommodate your dog.

Preparatory Steps

Your dog is a member of your family, and, just as you wouldn’t leave your child with a stranger, you don’t want to hand your canine over with blind faith. When considering a kennel, make sure to schedule a time far in advance to tour the facility. Even if a particular kennel seems wonderful on the outside, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Unfortunately, there are those out there that do not provide animals with proper care to cut costs, and your furry friend should not have to suffer while you enjoy your vacation.

Preparing the Staff

Once you have found the kennel that’s right for you, don’t forget to discuss any special needs your pet may have. If your dog has a medical condition or a personal trait such as a fear of thunder or other loud noises, these things should certainly be communicated. All of our guests bring their own food so as not to upset their stomach and personal feeding regimens are kept to maintain the dog’s eating schedule.

The Trial Run

Dogs are emotional animals, and they will miss their owners and territory when they are dropped off at the kennel. While you may spend hours finding the right kennel and preparing the staff, it’s impossible to predict how your dog will react to actually being dropped off.

This is where a trial run can come in handy. Make arrangements with your kennel to have your pooch stay overnight to discover how he or she will react. By doing this, you can pinpoint areas of concern and speak with the staff to find the best ways to overcome your pet’s specific concern areas. You will be able to enjoy your vacation knowing your dog is comfortable back at home.