Breeding Dogs

Breeding dogs is serious business. Even simply owning a dog can be a huge responsibility. People tend to overestimate the benefits and underestimate the unexpected things that can happen when you try to breed your dogs. Many people breed dogs because they want puppies just like their current dogs, they want to make money, they want to show their children the gift of life or they just think puppies are cute so someone will want them.


Think Ahead

It’s impossible to predict how puppies will turn out once you start thinking about breeding your dogs. There is no way to control how the genes will mix are show up amongst the litter. Many people start with lofty expectations are usually disappointed with the results because they are unpredictable or they dogs were not as good as a match as they originally thought. It’s important to understand how much money it can really cost to breed puppies. The costs can easily overcome the profits, especially when you have trouble selling just one or two, let alone the entire litter. The checkups for the mother and the cost of the first shots for the puppies can be expensive.


The Unexpected

If something unexpected happens or goes wrong the process can be far more costly. It can also be a burden on the family if they mother or the puppies have complications or health issues in the birth. If any of the puppies die or when you have to get rid of them ultimately this can be troubling for the children.


Breeding puppies is serious work. It is best not to make this a new hobby, leave the breeding to the professionals. A sad statistic is that for each puppy that is born, three will die in a shelter; there are so many puppies and dogs available without making more for a potential profit