Finding the Perfect Dog

Finding the perfect dog can be pretty difficult and sometimes even overwhelming. There are different things to consider, dependent on whether the dog is primarily for you or if it’s a dog for the family. Picking a dog that is good with children is essential for living a happy life. Sometime breeds are more independent while some breeds need other dogs are constant attention in the household to be happy.


Popular Breeds

One of the best ways to find a dog is to consider your priorities and limitations first. After that, review some of the most popular breeds to get a better idea of what suites your tastes. Caring for a smaller dog will be much different than a larger dog, it’s always important to take into account the dog’s personality as well. Getting a puppy or an adult dog will carry different responsibilities also. It’s important to be fully committed before making the final decision for any type of pet dog.


What works for You

One of the most popular breeds of dogs is the Boxer. These types of dogs are considered to be a part of the working breed group of dogs. The male is typically 65 to 80 pounds and the female usually weighs from 50 to 65 pounds. The male’s height is usually twenty and a half inches to twenty five inches tall while the females are usually twenty one to twenty three and a half inches tall. Many times these dogs come in a fawn or brindle coat with or without the white flashing on the chest and black mask for the face.


These dogs are typically larger than most breeds and have very few grooming needs. These dogs need some exercise and are typically good with other dogs. They also make adequate watchdogs for the home and the family as well. There are many different types of breeds besides the Boxer that fit just about any type of family or home atmosphere.