What is the Dog Breed for You?

There are so many different types of dogs and breeds that many times it can be confusing or even misleading when trying to settle on the right one. Taking the time to do the research beforehand makes this talk slightly easier. Researching the breeds and thinking about how they match your personality, your family or your needs and priorities are helpful when trying to settle on the perfect mate.


So what are the Choices?

There are seven main types of breeds that most people are familiar with. All of the breeds are very different so it’s important to have an idea of what you’re looking for before making any final decisions. The breed groups are herding, hounds, non-sporting, sporting, terriers, toys, working dogs and non AKC breeds. The sporting breed group includes many types of spaniels and retrievers as well. The various types of pointer dogs are also included in this breed group. Beagles, greyhounds, basset hounds and dachshunds are some of the dogs included in the hound breed group.


The Other Dogs

The working breed group of dogs includes the boxer, Dobermans, bullmastiffs, Great Danes, Rottweilers and various types of schnauzers. The herder breed group includes cattle dogs, collies, sheepdogs, the German shepherd and other types of shepherd dogs. The terrier group includes the bull terriers, Scottish terrier, and almost any type of terrier you can think of. The toy breed group includes the Yorki, Maltese, toy poodle, Pomeranian, Chihuahua, Papillion and other types of small dogs. The non-sporting breed group of dogs includes the Dalmatian, Chow Chow, Boston terrier, French bulldog and other types of dogs as well.


The breed group names are somewhat telling for what to expect from these types of dogs. Researching the breed first along with the other dogs in the breed group besides the one you’re interested in is a great way to get an idea of what type of dog may best fit your situation.