Avoid Quarantine with the Help of Your Vet

All dog owners have an obligation to keep their veterinarian records, both for their pet’s benefit, and in order to meet local and state regulations with regard to such. However, just as the most well-intentioned of people can let their auto insurance lapse, sometimes we get behind on our shots. This sort of tardiness is almost never an issue for the owner unless something unforeseen takes place, and then it can lead to a bit of trouble.

Custody Battle

For instance, if someone gets bitten by your dog and it turns out not to have current proof of a rabies shot, your local authorities are going to want to quarantine the animal for a period of time so that they can observe that the dog doesn’t have rabies. This means they will remove the dog from your home and cage it up down at the county dog pound, which will expose your pooch to all manner of stressors, doing him or her no good at all.

No Place Like Home

A trip to an animal control center is separation anxiety extrapolated to the nth degree. The noise from the other penned-up dogs alone is enough to send most household pets into a state of shock. There is also a good chance that the dog will contract “kennel cough” while in the pound, which can lead to further vet bills down the road. Also, however well-meaning the staff might be, tragic mistakes have been known to happen in places where a high number of dogs gets euthanized each day.

To avoid a quarantine situation, contact your veterinarian before the authorities come for your dog. In most cases, such voluntary boarding will be acceptable to the powers that be, since an animal hospital is staffed with trained medical professionals, and will also be able to provide the necessary updated shots. If your dog is already in your vet’s custody, that will suffice for law enforcement purposes, who are actually happier to see the situation handled in that way.