Sleep Well: Dogs Provide Security at Home

We’ve all seen the commercials on television for those three-letter-name home security systems. Most law enforcement officials and criminals will agree, though, that the most effective security system of all is spelled D-O-G. While the systems that rely on electronic devices can cost as little as $20 a month, they also have a tendency to play 20 questions on the phone at crunch time, and may take as long as 20 minutes to respond.

What’s Behind Door Number Two?

Dogs tend to take a more proactive approach to home guardianship. Their response time is immediate. And they don’t have to be Rin-Tin-Tin or Lassie to get the job done. Ask any professional thief and they’ll tell you that houses with barking dogs are strictly off-limits, because even a dog that will fit in a teacup is capable of alerting the homeowner or a neighbor, even if it isn’t inclined to take care of business on its own. Criminals prefer the higher percentages that come with houses with no dogs.

More Than a Best Friend

More than one person has been alerted by their dogs to other problems as well, such as fires, with pets going to heroic lengths to make sure their owners can get out safely. That same sort of helpful intuition is what makes dogs so appropriate for aiding the sight-impaired. Their displays of loyalty go to even greater lengths, as dogs have stayed with lost children during the night, or have put themselves in between their owners and hostile wildlife.

Of course, there are also dogs that are comparably sized to humans, whose propensity for doing the dirty work at home has long since established their fierce reputations. If you have such a canine, take an extra legal precaution for yourself, and put up a sign that reads Guard Dog on Duty – as opposed to Beware of Dog. The latter is an admission on your part that you understand your dog to be a loose cannon. The more carefully-worded version lets people know what your dog’s job is, and that he or she is doing it. Such distinctions can make a world of difference in a courtroom later on.