Organic Arsenal Naturally Repels Fleas and Ticks

For a good many people and their pets, the entire domesticated animal relationship can be ruined by the predatory presence of fleas and ticks, which do not discriminate against cats, dogs or even humans. Cats seem to respond quite well to flea collars, which are sanctioned by veterinarians, but dogs tend to have more “acreage”, so to speak. A stubborn infestation can go on seemingly forever, with many owners reluctant to expose their dogs to the kind of chemical solutions found on the retail market.

It’s Not in the Chemical Aisle

Bug bombs, sprays and other household approaches to flea and tick control are no more comforting than flea dips. For those who seek it, a natural approach is available to anyone, involving no laboratory-manufactured chemicals. Diatomaceous earth is an organic material that can be sprinkled in areas where bugs might live and lay their eggs; it works by dehydrating the bugs after coming into contact with them. It is harmless to humans and other animals.

A Few Ounces of Prevention

Removing the unwanted pests from your dog’s coat is another matter. Embedded ticks have to be removed manually, using a cotton ball moistened with rubbing alcohol, and pulling the tick straight out. Fleas have to be washed off, in the bathtub, with shampoo and hot water. Once that’s done, pour some apple cider vinegar onto your dog’s wet fur, making it less inviting to pests in the first place. Lavender essential oil is another of Mother Nature’s preventions. Put a few drops on the dog’s collar for a pleasant-smelling pooch who will be parasite-proof.

There are effective dietary options as well. While Hollywood and folklore tell us that garlic is used to repel vampires – and what else would you call fleas and ticks – the correct organic product is, again, apple cider vinegar. Adding a teaspoon of the stuff to your pet’s water bowl each day will make their blood less than palatable. If these natural remedies are applied consistently and diligently, the rewards for both pet and owner will be noticed in a few short weeks.