Nature walk or playtime $9.99 for 1 dog or $15.99 for 2 dogs



  • Dogs don't react well to sudden food changes, so please bring their food in a labelled plastic container to avoid any discomfort to our guests
  • We ask that you kindly bring with you copies of all vaccination records for your pet(s). Vaccinations including Rabies, DHPP and Bordatella are required to be up to date at time of your stay. If your dog does not already have the Bordatella vaccine, please note that this vaccine does take 5 days to take affect in the body.
  • We reserve the right to deny admittance of any dog that we feel has infectious disease, health or temperament issues.
  • Geriatric dogs or special assistance/care charges are assessed and applicable based on our staff's evaluation to adequately care for the pet.
  • After Hours charges per pet apply for drop-offs and pickups outside of normal Office hours.
  • To verify your address, a valid government issued driver's license may be required at your pet's check in.
  • Dogs are required to be on a leash and under control while on the property, until we place them in their temporary home. 
  • Pets may not be released until charges have been paid in full.  We accept Cash or cheque
  • Goodbyes are best done prior to dropping your pet off to allow your pet to adjust quickly to their new surroundings.
  • We are a flea free facility. Any animal admitted which has live fleas will be given a topical dose of Advantage with a fee of $25. Advantage will kill all adult flees within 10 - 15 minutes, but has no residual action beyond that day. It is safely combined will all other flea control measures.